Safety Shoes
Code: AS-SS-001
Code: AS-SS-002
Code: AS-SS-003
Code: AS-SS-004
Code: AS-SS-005
Code: AS-SS-006
Code: AS-SS-0121
Code: AS-SS-0121
Code: AS-SS-123
Code: AS-SS-241
Code: AS-SS-243-a
Code: AS-SS-243-b
Code: AS-SS-244
Code: AS-SS-245
Code: AS-SS-245
Code: AS-SS-245
Code: AS-SS-246
Code: AS-SS-247
Code: AS-SS-248
Code: AS-SS-249
Code: AS-SS-361
Code: AS-SS-362
Code: AS-SS-363
Code: AS-SS-364
Code: AS-SS-365
Code: AS-SS-366
Code: AS-SS-481
Code: AS-SS-482
Code: AS-SS-483
Code: AS-SS-484
Code: AS-SS-485
Different types of soles
These Shoes are made of made of high quality leather upper and PU or Nitrile Sole. Both these types of safety shoes are tested as per European Norns (EN 345 / 285). The shape of the safety shoe is designed to provide comfort to the ankles. The safety shoe is fully lined to provide comfort during long period of use. The product is very durable and meets all safety requirements of the Industry.
High quality safety shoes made of grained leather uppers and god quality soles (Nitrile, PVC or PU), each batch tested by central government laboratory for performance, chemical, acid and water resistance, anti-skid test and electrical resistance test. Product is guaranteed for performance. This range of products is available with test certificates.
Safety shoes are available in the following types:

  • Derby Type
  • Ankle Type
  • High Ankle Type
  • Rigger Boots with PU sole
  • Rigger Boots with Nitrile Rubber sole
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